Spirax Sarco Steam System Surveys

How much could you save?

Take the Steam Trap Audit test and see how much you could save...

A Spirax Sarco Steam Trap Survey, conducted at least annually and preferably every six months, followed by a planned maintenance programme, is the sure-fire way to maximise energy efficiency and minimise process downtime.



Audits for Plant Optimisation

Using our experience and knowledge we identify areas in your steam system where improvements can be made. 

By discussion and agreement, we will help you determine which audits are priorities required to improve your systems' reliability, performance and cost effectiveness.

Our approach is...

  • Fact finding; Discussion, 'walking the plant' and assessing your needs and areas for improvement
  • Proposal; a complete proposal is presented by us
  • Agreement; You assess the proposal and we agree the way forward

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 “Since the initial savings we have seen another 8% energy savings. Our annual Spirax Sarco steam survey, identifies potential problems and reduces slippage in energy savings.”
Gordon Davies, Dairy Crest Engineering Manager


What's included in a Spirax Saro Audit.

You will receive a written report, dependent on the audit, typically covering:

General Icons-09.png Equipment Inventory

General Icons-27.png Identified problems & potential issues

General Icons-25.pngRecommendations improving system performance

 general-icons-32.png Targetted potential savings

General Icons-07.png Cost analysis report

general-icons-57.png Return on investment (ROI) forecasts


 “In terms of payback, we’re talking months not years”

Gordon Davies, Dairy Crest Engineering Manager


You could also benefit from a steam system audit...

Get advice from one of our expert auditors and discuss how we would approach optimising your plant.

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